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The Irkutsk organization of Russian Artist Union has celebrated its 65th anniversary. The summer could be considered to be a dramatic period in city history.

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He had an extensive collection of engravings of the1-st half of the XIX century. A significant group of painters in Irkutsk caused the foundation of the Irkutsk society of the artists inEssay irkutsk it was possible to issue the charter and officially to register association only in Kopulov just having finished the Parisian studio of Zhulien, organized an art studio — workshop inwhich was the basis for art school foundation in Irkutsk.

These are bandy, hockey, basketball, track and field athletics, free calisthenics, box, skating, skiing. A well-known Russian publicist of the nineteenth century, N. Shelihov, whom Derzavin called "Russian Columb", and.

Almost all precipitation during the Siberian winter falls as flurry, dry snow. On Jan 19 Doctors administrations were introduced in Guberniya cities regional capitalswhich were responsible for health situation in the whole region.

Sibiryakov owned river and sea ships, going on the Angara, Yenisei and Baikal. So many fur hats, it would mystify absolutely anyone. But she was smiling. By the end of the 17th century, Irkutsk was a small town, monasteries were being built, and suburbs and agricultural settlements were being formed.

Irkutsk land has raised a lot of talented poets and writers such as I. The Irkutsk Regional museum with stamped last names of famous researches of Siberia on its wallsthe building of the first public community, city theaterKazan' cathedral, made in new Byzantine styleand the Roman-Catholic cathedral completed an architectural style of the city.

First professional doctor was an exilor Fidler, who came to Siberia in Basnin Vasilii Nokolaevich - Irkutsk merchant of the 1-st guild, hereditary honorable citizen of city.

Since the s the Decembrists lived in settlements and in the colonies near Irkutsk. During his management the greatest number of schools in Irkutsk was open. Essay Art culture For a very long time Irkutsk was a center of art culture of Siberia.

On his funds civil hospital — r. The large Irkutsk Reservoir was built on the Angara River between and in order to facilitate industrial development. Losev, a writer I. A contemporary recollected Ksenofont: Stone and wooden constructions built after the fire have been preserved up to present days.

The city consists of 5 districts. Innokentii brought first private library, different books and manuscripts in Irkutsk, presently kept in the zonal scientific Irkutsk State University library. By the end of the XVII century Irkutsk was a small town, the monasteries were being built, the suburbs and agricultural settlements were being formed.

The exiled historian-democrat, A.

Irkutsk Oblast

Having put a beginning to the school training of the girls in Irkutsk and in general in Eastern Siberia, the Siropitatelnii house of Elizabeth Medvednikova took an outstanding place in history of regional education.

In Eastern-Siberian branch of SO RAN was opened in order to solve all regional problems and coordinate all researches, connected with preserving health of the population of Siberia.

As a result, Irkutsk eventually became a prosperous cultural and educational center in Eastern Siberia. Inthe Irkutsk Eparchy was founded. Irkutsk Oblast (Russian: Ирку́тская о́бласть, Irkutskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast), located in southeastern Siberia in the basins of the Angara, Lena, and Nizhnyaya Tunguska Rivers.

An essay “The historiography of Irkutsk city” by, presenting a review of historical literature about our city, will be helpful to all specialists and researchers of city history.

The review is a first special work on this subject and was published for the first time. Essay General-Governers of Easten Siberia.


Klichka left fame of a kind and just chief after himself in Irkutsk (). He helped orphans and the poor and encouraged trade. Why you should visit Irkutsk, Siberia.

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By Kristina – August 18, After leaving Lake Baikal, Sal and I spent some time exploring the city of Irkutsk. In fact, we nearly missed our train for Moscow because we had so much fun here. More on that later. For now, here is why I think you should visit this Siberian city!

EssayTyper types your essay in minutes! Oh no! It's finals week and I have to finish my essay immediately. Essay Coat of arms Irkutsk coat of arms was established on Oct 26, with a following description “On a silver field there is a running tiger with a sable in its mouth”.

Essay irkutsk
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